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Future & Active Pilot Advisors (FAPA.aero), formerly known as FltOps.com, is a career and financial advisory service for professional pilots and aspirants.  The company specializes in low cost and high quality information available through the Internet with no printed publications. Through innovative pricing and focused delivery of information that is important to professional pilots, FAPA.aero plans to become the on-line market leader.   Click here for a complete description of the information available at FAPA.aero.

FAPA.aero is owned and operated by CyberCompass Corporation.  The owners and principals of CyberCompass are active and retired pilots for major airlines and have long experience in commercial aviation and publishing.

Meet Our Front Line Team

Judy Tarver
Vice President - Global Strategies
Phone: 800-Jet-Jobs
Email: admin@fapa.aero

Judy Tarver is Vice President, Global Strategies of FAPA.aero. As a recognized expert in the field, Ms. Tarver is able to provide insightful and useful feedback to give pilots an edge in planning and pursuing their career as a pilot.

For over 33 years she has worked as an aviation consultant, writer and speaker specializing in the field of pilot selection and recruitment. She was Manager of Pilot Recruitment for American Airlines where she was responsible for facilitating the hiring of over 7,100 airline pilots and has consulted with several major air carriers and other aviation associations such as the Air Line Pilots Association and the University Aviation Association. She has worked on several FAA committees that related to pilot selection and was a presenter at the NTSB Conference on Professionalism in Aviation. 

Tarver is the author of Flight Plan to the Flight Deck:  Strategies for a Pilot Career and several magazine articles that have appeared in Aviation for Women, Flight Training, Air Line Pilot and Airline Pilot Careers.

Tom Hiltner
Vice President - Operations
Phone: 800-Jet-Jobs
Email: hiltner@fapa.aero

Tom Hiltner is a native of Margate, NJ and has been a part of the FAPA.aero team since 2012.  Since then he has progressed from Director of Content and Communications to Vice President - Operations. Tom is responsible for the online content offered by FAPA.aero to its members, as well as planning and executing pilot career conferences and job fairs around the country. 

Tom, a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at Daytona Beach, has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science degree as well as an airline transport pilot certificate and a pilot in command type rating in the Embraer 145. As an active airline pilot, Tom understands how important achieving career goals is to each and every pilot he serves. 

Claudette Carroll
Director, Pilot Career Services
Phone: 800-Jet-Jobs
Email: admin@fapa.aero

Claudette Carroll joined the FAPA.aero team in March 2010 as Director of Pilot Career Services. After twenty years of service at American Eagle, Claudette retired and moved on to utilize her vast experience in pilot selection and recruitment. As Senior Pilot Recruiter at American Eagle, she was responsible for coordinating the hiring process, interviewing pilots and representing the Human Resource department at the Pilot Review Board. She was instrumental in facilitating the hiring of over 5,000 pilots during her tenure there.

Claudette has been a member of several industry advisory committees and was active in promoting collegiate aviation bridge programs helping many aspiring pilots achieve their dreams. She loves mentoring pilots and will be instrumental in assisting FAPA.aero in the goal of promoting flying as a career.

In her role at FAPA.aero, Claudette will be working with companies and pilots to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date information in the industry.

Karen Floyd
Interview Consultant
Phone: 800-Jet-Jobs
Email: admin@fapa.aero

FAPA.aero is pleased to welcome Karen Floyd to our team of aviation professionals.   Karen joined the FAPA team in May of 2013 to work alongside Judy Tarver and Claudette Carroll helping our Premier members turn their interviews into job offers.  She comes to FAPA after working for a number of years as a Pilot Recruiter at American Eagle Airlines.  During this time, Karen worked closely with Claudette Carroll in the hiring of several thousand pilots for American Eagle.
Karen will use the experience she gained in reviewing pilot applications and resumes, interviewing potential candidates and assisting with the human resource process to give each FAPA pilot the greatest opportunity to achieve a successful airline interview.  She gained knowledge and experience through the extensive recruitment process, as well as her opportunity to assist with the weekly pilot review board, attending aviation conferences such as OBAP and NIFA and planning and conducting pilot job fairs across the U.S.

In addition, as a Pilot Recruiter, Karen gained experience through her involvement with a number of Aviation Bridge Schools and Universities, as well as several airline training companies and aviation flight schools.

Karen brings a passion for aviation and technology to the FAPA team.  She is married to a retired Air Force F-16 pilot, who is now a pilot at a major airline.

Craig Washka
Customer Service Representative
Phone: 800-Jet-Jobs
Email: washka@fapa.aero

Craig Washka joined the FAPA.aero Team in October 2009 and is currently serving as a Customer Service Representative. He brings over thirty years of aviation experience to the table and understands the needs of our customers.

Craig learned to fly in 1978 through Ohio University’s professional pilot flight training program and has worn many hats including CFI, Line Captain in Props and Jets, Company Instructor Pilot/Check Airman, Assistant Chief Pilot, Director of Training and Director of Pilot Recruitment/Development where he spent over a decade responsible for pilot recruitment, interviewing and selection. He enjoyed networking with the flight training and airline industry helping thousands of pilots achieve their career goals. He also interviewed with two Major Airlines.

Craig inspires FAPA members and other people every day. Despite having multiple sclerosis, he continues to ride his handcycle with his trusty dog Scout by his side. Craig has cranked out more than 13,000 miles, with Scout joining him for about 6,000 miles. 

You can read all about Craig's amazing contributions to others by clicking here.  
Craig has a true passion for people and aviation and looks forward to guiding FAPA.aero customers to succeed with their professional goals.

Andrew Dubats
Corporate Account Executive
Phone: 800-Jet-Jobs
Email: andrew@fapa.aero

Andrew James Dubats, Corporate Account Executive, hails from Michigan and brings to FAPA.aero the unique perspective of an entrepreneur.  Andrew built a video production and services enterprise developing a successful brand from scratch, and he knows the challenges involved in managing and growing a company.  Local media in Central Michigan recognized Andrew's impressive services and provided ample accolades for his new business. 

His degree in Broadcast Arts and Communication provides him with a productive skill to help FAPA.aero advertisers and sponsors strengthen their brand among future and active professional pilots. 

With his new position based in Honolulu, Hawai'i, Andrew will work with FAPA.aero corporate clients to help them recruit new employees or capture new customers at levels ranging from Ab Initio flight training to advanced Type Ratings on sophisticated and modern jet aircraft.

Amy Captain
Research Assistant
Email: amy@fapa.aero

Amy Captain is from Knoxville, Tennessee and graduated from the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  She has extensive experience working with alcoholics and substance abusers.  Her interest in this field involved working in residential treatment facilities and researching data regarding alcoholism and addiction.  Amy enjoyed her work thoroughly, and joined The FAPA.aero team as Research Assistant in October 2012.  She will work to improve the relevance and accuracy of information published at FAPA.aero, including the pilot screening and selection processes used by the aviation industry.

Ms. Captain resides in Florence, Alabama with her daughter Mackenzie.  She enjoys their walks in the evenings, spending time with friends and family and working on various volunteer projects.

G.W. "Bo" Corby
Vice President - Flight Training Standards
Phone: 800-Jet-Jobs
Email: bo@fapa.aero

Captain G.W. "Bo" Corby is a 1969 graduate of Parks College of Aeronautical Technology of St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO.

Captain Corby began his aviation career as a Flight Crew Instructor for the Boeing Company, followed by 3 years in the Middle East as a pilot/flight engineer for several airlines, returning to the U.S. in 1977 as a pilot for Hughes Airwest in San Mateo, California. Hughes Airwest later merged with Republic Airlines and eventually Northwest Airlines (NWA).  At NWA, he served as NWA ALPA Training Committee Chairman and in this position participated as one of 3 Board Members on the Pilot Training Review Board at NWA. This Board evaluated issues in the NWA training department relating to pilot training deficiencies. He retired from NWA in 2006.

In addition to his airline career, Captain Corby founded and operated Simulator Training, Inc., an FAR 142 Training Center operating its own B-727, B-737 and Lockheed Electra L-188 Full Flight Simulators, providing training services to airlines, individuals and governments, worldwide. During the same period, Captain Corby owned and operated Noland Decoto Flying Service in Yakima WA, a full service Fixed Base Operation, providing the local community with aircraft charter services and flight training under FAR 61 and 141.He currently resides in Seattle, Washington and works as a Corporate Aviation Department Manager and pilot for a Seattle family.

In May of 2013, Captain Corby was awarded the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award by the FAA Safety Team.  The award recognizes those pilots who have demonstrated professionalism, skill and aviation expertise by maintaining safe operations for 50 or more years.

James Daniel
Vice President, Financial Services

James is a financial planner and registered investment advisor focused on helping professionals accomplish their financial goals.  James joined the FAPA.aero team in June 2010 and will serve as Vice President, Financial Services.  His goal is to help pilots build their net worth by minimizing conflicts, reducing costs and properly allocating assets.

Having worked both as a professional trader and commission based financial advisor, James formed The Advisory Firm, LLC to give consumers a fee-only choice for financial advice. As a Certified Financial Planner practitioner™ he focuses on developing complete financial strategies for clients. As a NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, James has taken an active roll in North Atlanta to educate consumers about fiduciary standards in the financial services industry. He has worked with executives, business owners and pilots of all ages to help them build financial security.

Mike Schukert
Collegiate Aviation Liaison
Email: g8ors@bellsouth.net

Mike joined the retired ranks in 2000 after a collegiate aviation teaching career spanning over 20 years. Much of this time was concurrently served as an active-duty and reserve officer in the U.S. Air Force from which he retired in 1991. Although he held professorships at Ohio State and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Mike's last and longest-tenured academic appointment was with the Department of Aerospace at Middle Tennessee State University.

An ardent believer in institutional outreach and the nurturing of government/industry linkages, he conceived and edited the University Aviation Association's first Collegiate Aviation Directory in 1982 and, in 1983, he went on to serve as the organization's president. His numerous co-curricular involvements include faculty internships with Delta and Northwest Airlines, and a post-doctoral fellowship with the Federal Aviation Administration. Mike is an instrument-rated Commercial Pilot and Certificated Flight/Ground School Instructor . His academic credentials include degrees from the University of Arizona (BA, 1963), the University of Florida (M.Ed., 1969) and Ohio University (Ph.D., 1976). Mike and his wife, Denisha, currently reside in Palm Coast, Florida

Peter Ansdell
Flight Operations Analyst

Peter A. Ansdell was born in the UK and is now a dual national, having been a US citizen since 1971. After spending six years in aviation working for British Aerospace in design on military airplanes (TSR2, Nimrod MaritimeComet), executive jets (HS125), and commercial airplanes (Concorde SST), Peter moved to the Seattle area to work for Boeing at age 27 years. Peter, later worked for Continental Airlines, when the carrier was based in Los Angeles. Peter then moved "down under" to the south Pacific to work for Air New Zealand in Auckland NZ as a Project Engineer.

In 1978, Peter returned to work for Boeing Commercial Airplanes and has worked for them for 24 years, with the last 12 years being in Maintenance Engineering management. He traveled extensively on behalf of Boeing, being team leader of many maintenance engineering evaluations carried out at the airlines. These technical audits included United Airlines, Air France, Northwest Airlines, Iberia, Aloha, and South African Airways, amongst several others.

He continues to keep in touch with the aviation industry which has been such a big part of his life. While in New Zealand, Peter was the Secretary of the Royal Aeronautical Society. His interests are keeping fit with tennis, soccer, and table tennis. He is very happy to become a part of the FAPA.aero team.

Captain Andy Simonds
Senior Staff Writer
Email: andy@fapa.aero

In 1980, Captain Andy Simonds first soloed in a beat-up fire-prone Cessna 152 Aerobat in Madison, Wisconsin.   After a tour in general aviation as a CFI and Part 135 charter pilot, Andy started collecting uniforms from American Eagle, TWA, Airborne Express and, finally, American Airlines where he is currently a B-737 captain.  Whether left seat, right seat, back seat or jumpseat he never met an airplane he didn't like.  Andy would fly all airplanes to which somebody (who had the guts) gave him the keys including Metroliners, Jetstreams, B-727s and the DC-9.

In an effort to improve his seniority (while believing there is comfort in crowds), Andy has been continually involved with airline pilot recruiting, interviewing, career counseling, aviation seminars and aviation writing. Some of Andy’s musings, opinionated perspectives and photographs are published through Simco Creative, LLC and can be likewise criticized by going to the Simco Creative blog.

A graduate of Boston University with a Bachelor of Music degree, he majored in education and vocal performance.  Experience gained from teaching in secondary schools and flight schools led to instructional and supervisory positions at the various air carriers including ground school instructor, flight instructor and check airman.

Even after all the industry turbulence, he still believes that a rational perspective keeps the pessimists at bay, allowing the joy of the craft to rise to the surface where it is alive and well and resides in the hearts of those willing to embrace it.

Meet Our Principals

Louis Smith
Chairman and President of CyberCompass Corporation
Phone: 800-Jet-Jobs Ext. 3
Email: louis@fapa.aero

Louis Smith, President of FAPA.aero, is a retired Northwest Airlines captain, completing his career flying the DC-10 on international routes. Captain Smith began his airline career with Hughes Airwest in 1976. He holds an Air Transport Pilot (ATP) rating, a Flight Engineer (FE) certificate and is a graduate of the University of Tennessee (Martin). Smith, a veteran of the United States Air Force, flew the C-9A on aeromedical evacuation missions from 1971 through 1974.

Outside of the cockpit, Smith's vision has long been in managing businesses whose primary mission focused on publishing and organizing information that would help current and aspiring commercial pilots succeed in their career--before and after landing the cockpit job. Getting a job in commercial aviation requires more than stick-and-rudder skills, and Smith has spent the past 40 years assisting pilots in reaching their career goals by providing a one-stop shop for the information required to stay on top of this dynamic and complex industry.

Smith founded CyberCompass Corporation, the parent company of FAPA.aero, in 1996, and by 1998 was in business as a Web-only career planning service for professional pilots.

Smith, 66, was the founder of Future Aviation Professionals of America (FAPA), and served as its CEO from 1974 to 1996. During that time, FAPA served more than 100,000 pilots, aviation maintenance technicians and flight attendants through its publishing, career seminars, career counseling and other advisory services.

Over the years, he has been quoted in numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, Aviation Week & Space Technology, USA Today, and hundreds of others. Smith also has appeared on CNN during a live broadcast, on National Public Radio as an expert panelist discussing a pilot labor dispute and recently on CNBC discussing the pilot hiring market in the U.S. and overseas.

Daniel S. Huntington
Director of CyberCompass Corporation

Daniel S. Huntington is a B-777 first officer with Delta Air Lines. He previously served as first officer with American Eagle, and first officer and captain with ValuJet. Huntington, 51, is an Airline Transport Pilot, holds a Flight Engineers Certificate and has a masters degree in Math and Computer Science from Emory University.

Mark J. Stevens
Director of CyberCompass Corporation

Mark is a Delta Air Lines flight officer currently serving as Captain of an MD-88. Stevens, 54, is an Airline Transport Pilot and has a Flight Engineers Certificate. He is a 1981 graduate of the University of Michigan Business School.

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