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Air Wisconsin Pilot Group - FREE Membership

FAPA.aero is offering a FREE 2-Year Basic membership to Air Wisconsin pilots to provide job-hunting and career decision assistance.

The benefits of FAPA.aero Basic membership include:
1) Priority notice about all FAPA Pilot Job Fairs (onsite or virtual). Click here for FAPA's Pilot Job Fair Schedule.
2) Discount pricing on Interview Preparation from Judy Tarver's Pilot Counseling Service featuring Pilot Interview Preparation, resume/application review and more.
3) Unlimited access to our Members Only content with pilot job market information.
4) FAPA will email you a free sample resume upon request to support@fapa.aero.
5) Fifty percent discount on financial planning and a free portfolio review from FAPA Financial Services.

Click the below button to verify your identity and setup your login credentials. There is zero charge to you now or in the future. Your membership will simply expire and automatically be deactivated after two years. Your credit card will never be charged. Your login credentials will be valid for two years, regardless of your future employment as an ARW pilot.

If you are a current FAPA.aero Basic member please Contact Us. We will gladly adjust the membership expiration date for ARW pilots who are already FAPA.aero Basic members.

All costs associated with this agreement will be borne by Air Wisconsin ALPA.