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Chief Advisor and Executive Editor
Phone: 800 JET JOBS
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After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Speech Communication, Tim Genc immediately started working as a Flight Instructor to build valuable hours and experience in preparation for an airline job. By the time his interview was upon him, Tim discovered that his true passion was in teaching and mentoring. He chose to stay in flight training for the next 15 years, amassing thousands of hours of instruction along with a wealth of teaching and coaching experience.

For a slight change of pace, Tim accepted a position as the Director of Pilot Recruitment for a regional airline during the hiring boom, where he continued to guide candidates and aviation hopefuls toward their dreams of becoming professional pilots. To him, it was no different than teaching students in the early portion of their aviation journeys. And it was just as enjoyable. Tim is ecstatic to be joining the FAPA team as Chief Advisor and Executive Editor. He is a Chicago native and, when not spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren, enjoys writing, music and diving. Tim is looking forward to the mentoring opportunities this position will afford him.