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Tim Genc

Timothy Genc

Chicago Suburbs, IL - Central Time

Working in aviation since 1997

A proud graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professional Pilot Program and American Flyers' Flight Instructor Academy in West Chicago, Tim fell in love with flight instructing, where he amassed a few thousand hours of quality experience as a CFIA/FII. Tim's first interview with the regional airlines was in 2002; he was offered a First Officer position with an expected salary of a whopping $14,600 a year. From that point, it was all uphill and Tim watched the aviation industry transition out of the "lost decade" and into the pilot hiring frenzy of 2016-2020. In 2017, Tim was offered the opportunity to join Air Wisconsin Airlines as the Director of Pilot Recruitment, where he spent the next four years managing a recruiting team and travelling the country to recruit, interview and hire some of the best pilots available in the industry for the United Express team.

Current Employment: Chief Advisor and Executive Editor at FAPA

Areas of Expertise: Regional Airlines Pilot Recruiting, United Aviate Program Interview, Core and Technical Skills Interview Preparation

Alison Egan

Alison Egan

Southern California - Pacific Time

Working in aviation since 2010

I have worked in a variety of industries including entertainment, fashion, finance, aviation, and healthcare. With my Business Management degree, I have held roles in commercial operations, learning & development, and recruiting. My recruiting career within aviation started as a coordinator where I assisted with pilot recruiting: resume review in the ATS, phone screens, and coordination of pilot interview events. From there, I was promoted to Recruiter on the Tech Ops team which included the in-person interviews of Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Technician candidates.

Current Employment: Clinical Recruiter in the healthcare industry

Areas of Expertise: JetBlue Pilot Recruiting, Core Skills Interview Preparation

Stephanie Grantham

Stephanie Grantham

South Dallas, TX - Central Time

Working in aviation since 1999

Earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management through Friends University in Wichita, KS. Stephanie started her aviation career in Reservations for American Airlines, then as a Flight Attendant for Mesaba Aviation. In 1999, Stephanie was hired as a Recruiter for Express I/Pinnacle Airlines. After September 11th, she earned her "pilot hiring wings" and concentrated on pilot recruiting. Stephanie continued her pilot hiring career and added other technical positions to her recruiting tool belt when she went to work for AirTran Airways in 2004. At Southwest Airlines as an Employment Team Leader, Stephanie had the privilege of managing teams of recruiters who were responsible for hiring the best talent for the various operational and corporate positions for the airline.

Current Employment: Southwest Airlines Business Department

Areas of Expertise: Southwest Airlines Pilot Recruiting, Core Skills Interview Preparation