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Interview Prep

Let FAPA help prepare you for your upcoming pilot interview!

Whether it's your first interview, or the next of many, everyone can use a little advice from those who have "been there, done that". Your years of training and building of quality experience - not to mention thousands of dollars spent - deserve to be well-represented when it comes to an aviation interview. Allow FAPA to assist you in putting your best foot forward by pairing you with one of our Interview Coaches.

Our Interview Services

1. Our Interview Preparation Video will be your first step. This 40-minute video is free for all FAPA Pro-level members and is yours to review as many times as you would like. It is the pre-cursor to our Core Skills Interview Preparation Service. This video will cover:

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2. Our Core Skills Interview Preparation Service will focus on the "soft skills" for which the airlines and other aviation companies are looking: customer service, teamwork, problem-solving, culture of safety and cultural fit. During your 2-hour session with your Interview Coach, we will provide you with the following:

To purchase our Core Skills Interview Preparation Service, please call FAPA at (800) JET-JOBS (538-5627) so we can talk about your upcoming interview and needs.

3. Coming Soon! Our Technical Interview Preparation Service will pick up where the Core Skills service left off by going through the technical pilot skills assessed during your interview.

For questions and advice on which of our interview services are right for you, please contact Craig Washka at (800) JET-JOBS (538-5627), or via email at Support@fapa.aero.

With whom will I be working?

All of our interview coaches have, at one point, made their living interviewing professional pilots at various aviation companies; some with charter, some with the regional airlines, some with the low-cost carriers, some with the major or legacy airlines, and some with all of the above. They have each interviewed thousands of pilots and have seen thousands of resumes; they've all seen a lot of strange and unique things! Our Coaches have experience and first-hand knowledge on what works and what doesn't, what companies want to see in a potential hire and what will be a deal breaker. They have spent hours talking with recruiters from other regionals, majors and 135 carriers at dozens and dozens of recruiting and industry events. Our Interview Coaches are coming to you from a place of significant industry know-how. They're there to help and put years of past and recent interview skills to work for you and contribute to your success.

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Terms of Service

FAPA's Core Skills and Technical Interview Preparation Services are available as an add-on to the membership services available only to FAPA Pro Members; our Interview Preparation Video is available to Pro Members at no additional cost. You must be a FAPA Pro-level member to gain access to these services. Click Here to be taken to our membership page.

For Core Skills Interview Preparation Service, FAPA needs 5 days' notice before your scheduled interview to ensure that we can provide you with timely and up-to-date advice to contribute to your success.

After purchase, FAPA will continue to offer interview assistance for up to one year from the date of purchase, or until you get a job offer as a result of your scheduled interview; whichever comes first.