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FAPA Basic membership - $89 initial fee plus a recurring fee of $6.95 per month.

The benefits of a FAPA.aero Basic membership include:

  1. Priority notice about all FAPA Pilot Job Fairs (onsite or virtual).
  2. Discount pricing on Interview Preparation from Judy Tarver's Pilot Counseling Service featuring Pilot Interview Preparation, resume/application review and more.
  3. Unlimited access to our Members Only content with pilot job market information and school comparisons.
  4. Regular email bulletins from FAPA about updates to our online articles addressing critical career decisions.
  5. FAPA will email you a FREE sample resume upon request to Craig Washka at support@fapa.aero.

FAPA Pro membership - $389 initial fee plus a $29 recurring fee each month.

FAPA's Pro membership includes all the benefits of the Basic level plus:

  1. One-on-one with a FAPA Pilot Career Advisor - two 30-minute sessions by phone or teleconference by Zoom or Skype.
  2. Individual and customized advice using email about important career decisions at every stage of your pilot career.