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Pilot Employer Profile

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Current Pilot Workforce


Estimated Pilot Hiring in 2022


Operating Certificate

14 CFR Part 121 with Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Authorities

Minimum Qualifications

B737 Captain

• FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Multi-Engine Land
• FAA B737 Type Rating
• 5,000 TT
• 1,000 B737 TT, NG preferred for initial Captain hiring
• 1,000 PIC Turbine
• 1,000 MEL
• Meets 14 CFR §121.436(a)(3)

B737 First Officer

• Must have unrestricted ATP Multi-Engine Land
• 1,500 TT
• 500 PIC
• 500 MEL
• Meets 14 CFR §121.436(a)(3)

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Our Fleet
Aircraft Qty
B737-800 3
B737-700 3
Hiring Details

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Description of Screening Process

Online assessment followed by a Microsoft Teams virtual interview.

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Our Pay & Benefits

Captain's Annual Pay:

1 $200
2 $205
3 $210
4 $215
5 $220

First Officer's Annual Pay

1 $90
2 $110
3 $120
4 $130
5 $140


Sign-on bonus of $20,000 if hired before June 1, 2022. $5,000 paid at the completion of OE, $15,000 paid after 1 year of service.
Health and Vision benefits available immediately.
Minimum guarantee- 70 hours
12 Guaranteed days off
Virtual Base pay is an additional $1,800 per month.
401K Match- 100% on the first 3% you contribute; 50% match on the next 2%, equates to a 4% match if you contribute 5%. Immediate vesting of company match.
Profit Sharing, pilots will receive profit sharing.
Premium pay of 125% for over 75 hours.
Per Diem $2.25 per hour while on duty.
Uniforms, Avelo will pay for initial uniforms, annual stipend thereafter.
CASS and KCM participation.
EFB provided.

Latest Notes

Avelo Airlines announces a new pay scale and sign-on bonus for new hire Captain and First Officers effective February 1, 2022! First year Captain pay will be $200 per block hour, and First Officers will start at $90 per hour. Plus, for the first 100 pilots that receive an offer and commit to a class date before June 1, 2022 will earn a $20,000 bonus (paid in two installments in your first year of service, with the $5,000 when you finish OE). All pilots are virtually based and earn an additional $1,800 per month in virtual base pay paid monthly after completion of OE, no matter where you choose to live. Training is paid at first year First Officer rate and includes all accommodations. In your first year, you’ll earn a minimum of $210,000 as Captain or $117,400 as a First Officer.

Avelo Airlines launched Scheduled Domestic service out of Burbank, CA (BUR) on April 28th, 2021. Pilot bases are (BUR) and New Haven, CT (HVN). We do not require pilots to live in base, but we suggest it for a really good quality of life.