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Pilot Employer Profile

Recruiting First Officers for the largest E-jet operator in the world.


Current Pilot Workforce


Estimated Pilot Hiring in Next 12 Months


Operating Certificate

Part 121

Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma or GED
Must meet minimum requirements for an ATP/R-ATP certificate
ATP written is preferred
Meet the current interview and hiring minimum age/flight hour requirements set by the FAA and company.

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Our Fleet
Aircraft Qty
EMB-170 62
EMB-175 165
Hiring Details

Accepting Applications


Interviewing This Month


Description of Screening Process

15-minute initial phone screen
45-minute in-person interview (IND)
HR: TMAAT questions
Tech: TAF, METAR, IFR procedures

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Our Pay & Benefits

Captain's Annual Pay:

First Officer's Annual Pay



401(k) immediate vesting with company match
Company-supplied uniforms annually, luggage, annual shoe stipend, annual medical stipend and a new iPad as an EFB
Monthly Performance Bonuses based on CCF, CD0 and A14 targets paid on quarterly basis
No Junior Manning
Current contract features some of the most comprehensive soft pay opportunities for pilots in the industry
All employees receive flight privileges on American, Delta and United as well as more than 50 other airlines with which Republic has formed alliances

Latest Notes

Scheduled to be recruiting at all FAPA’s 2022 Pilot Job Fairs, Republic is offering newly hired FOs a bonus up to $60,000. Flying for American, Delta and United, they are advertising no junior manning, no hot reserve, the industry’s highest minimum daily guarantee of 4:12, and new hire classes are held every Tuesday. With anticipated hiring topping 1,500 new pilots in 2022, Republic Airways is building a new aviation campus which includes a new training center that will house ten simulator bays.