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FAPA Pilot Career Resource Center for School Counselors

Welcome to FAPA's pilot career resource center for school counselors. Our goal is to provide you with information about professional pilot careers so that you can speak intelligently with your students about this exciting career path.

We are adding many new resources regularly. Please see the links below to get started. Sign up at the bottom of this page to receive updates as we we add more information.

FAPA's Flight School Search Tool

Help future pilots at your school search for the right flight school or university. Ask your school to purchase your FAPA Basic membership, so you can share the valuable information with your students. Click here to view FAPA's Flight School Search Tool.

School Counselor Pilot Career FAQs

1) Q: I heard drones would be replacing many of the pilot jobs. Is that true?
2) Q: What courses in middle and high school do they need to take?
3) Q: Are the medical requirements stringent? I heard corrective lenses are not allowed.
4. Q: Do future pilots need a four-year degree?
5. Q: How much does an aviation college cost?
6. Q: Is it true there are thousands of airline pilots laid off?
7. Q: Do future pilots need to become a military pilot to work for the airlines?

Click here for the answers!

Future Pilot Seminars

FAPA Future Pilot Seminars offer future professional pilots a FREE educational seminar about pathways to professional pilot careers. Career changers, non-aviation separating military personnel and students of all ages (and parents) are invited to attend in person or may register to view portions of the event via on demand video later. All attendees should pre-register for free at FAPA/FuturePilot.

FAPA's Aviation Village at ASCA

FAPA attended its first ASCA conference in Atlanta in September 2008. Its next event evolved into creating FAPA's Aviation row at ASCA in 2016 at the New Orleans event, followed by 2017 in Denver, 2018 in Los Angeles and 2019 in Boston. The ASCA event was coverted to a virtual event in 2020 due to the pandemic.

FAPA's Aviation Row was renamed FAPA's Aviation Village and will be back in action in 2023. FAPA and aviation partners gather in FAPA's Aviation Village to educate counselors about professional pilot careers. If you would like to purchase a booth in FAPA's Aviation Village, send an email to Andrew Dubats, Director of Memberships, or call his cell phone at (702) 533-4064.

Articles for School Counselors

How to Become a Pilot, School Counselor’s Edition

Here’s a scenario for you teachers and high school guidance counselors: one of your students approaches you and says they want to be a pilot. What do you do? What do you tell them? How versed are you in this area?

If a student who is 5’1” were to tell you that their dream is to play center for the NBA, you might smile and encourage them, but you might be wrestling with thinking about how to steer them in a different direction. So, is it similar for a student who wears glasses, struggles with math, and tells you they want to fly airplanes because, you know, those are the requirements for all pilots? Read the full article here.

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