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Future Pilot Forum Testimonials

FAPA 'Future Pilot Forums' are free monthly events around the country providing future professional pilots including career changers, students of all ages and their parents, separating military personnel, teachers and counselors with objective and independent information about pathways to professional pilot careers.

We have been fortunate to have dedicated, engaged attendees since our events began. We thank Piedmont Airlines for being our committed Platinum Partner from the start and for making these events possible and successful for everyone involved. We are honored to welcome Envoy Air as a Platinum Partner as well. Together we are committed to 'Building the Pilot Pipeline'™. The airline industry needs these future pilots to enter the pipeline. FAPA is proud to be part of that process along with our dedicated partners Piedmont Airlines and Envoy Air.

To learn more and register for free, please visit FAPA.aero/FuturePilot.

Some feedback and stories from attendees:

Hi Laura,
Thanks to you and your sponsors for an excellent Future Pilot Forum in Denver.  We were pleased with the content, the format, and the excellent round-table speakers.  This provided very good insight for my son on paths to becoming a pilot.

One presenter, John Sami of Piedmont Airlines, was far and away the best presenter during the round-tables.  His mix of expertise, passion, and motivation was unmatched.

It is priceless to have people like those of you from FAPA.aero and from the airlines share passion and clear guidance for my son.

Ben Bishop

When I signed up for the future pilot forum, I didn't know what it was going to be. I originally thought it would be an uninteresting event full of stuff I already knew. Instead, it turned out just the opposite. I met some very motivated people and learned about a path into commercial aviation that I had never heard before. I also met some other students that had the same interests as I do. The Future pilot forum was an amazing experience. 

Caleb Bishop.  

Just wanted to let you know this event on Saturday was FANTASTIC!

Well organized, extremely informative, and even fun. Super professional.

We are so happy we went and would highly recommend it to anyone the least bit interested in aviation.

Becky Larsen
College and Career Specialist
Pinnacle High School
3535 E Mayo Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85050602-449-4063

Thanks to FAPA.aero and program sponsors (UPS, Piedmont, Ameriflight, TMC, US Customs + Border Protection, and Marriott) for an excellent presentation for young future pilots!  It helped me understand the current industry trends and some of the paths to commercial aviation starting from the Private Pilot level.  It was very insightful and I plan to pass what I learned on to my future students. 

Arnold R

Qualified Pilot,141 College Instructor, CFI


Please extend our gratitude to the entire FAPA Organization for sponsoring such an informative and inspiring event.  As a single mom I have struggled with helping my son find the right opportunities that provide the necessary information that will help him pursue his passion for flight and a career in aviation.  We enjoyed listening to the Guest Speakers share their own personal journey to success.  Realizing there are many more avenues and possibilities to obtaining a career as a pilot gave my son hope, confidence and determination to make it happen.

Tracy Inman-Cox

Thank you Laura.

My son Michael and I attended yesterdays session and we were very pleased with the information and presentation. We never knew there were other options in becoming a pilot and the various FAA requirements. We met some very nice folks and established contacts for which we will call on to ask questions as he goes through the college application process.

Excellent program recommend you do more. Thanks, again.

Bill Johnson
Monmouth Beach NJ 

About 13 months ago, My family and I were returning home from a trip and there was a flight crew on the hotel shuttle. I started talking with them about aircraft and airlines and other aviation related topics. When we got to the hotel one of the flight attendants that was there gave us the information for a FAPA.aero conference. I hadn't really started any flight training yet as I was just 11 at the time we planned to start training later down the line. Anyway, we thought that it would be a good place to meet people and perhaps make an impression.

So my dad and I went up to Washington, D.C. for the event. It was planned so that we went to an aviation museum in the morning and have presentations after lunch. I quickly made friends with some Endeavor pilots in the morning. Slowly throughout the day I meet some of good friends that I have now. Pilot recruiters from PSA airlines, Endeavor and Piedmont were all there that day. I still have those friends all because FAPA hosted this event. I ended up talking an hour after the event was over with the pilots.

Things pretty much kicked into full gear from there. I became FAPA's future pilot forum's poster boy in a way. I was put on FAPA's website and I help now spread the word about FAPA's events. 

But another thing that I am still helping with is their mentoring program. They gave me a mentor, Peter Forman, who has helped my flight simulation experience and overall technique improve through the flight simulator Prepar3D. But more about that later. 

A few weeks after the event, PSA airlines (wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines) contacted us and said they were so impressed with my knowledge at the FAPA event that they offered for me and another person to come on the first career take off event. The event featured a flight from Charlotte, NC to Dallas Fort Worth, TX, a tour of the American Airlines headquarters, and a flight back to Charlotte. 

We accepted their offer but we had one problem. My papa and I were already on a trip in Oklahoma so we asked PSA if we could meet them in Dallas. They said no, they made arrangements for my papa and I to fly on PSA from Oklahoma City to Charlotte, do the event, and be flown back after the event. 

I had a fantastic time and met even more pilot friends. Plus, Laura Arden from FAPA.aero was there and she took pictures that are now on their website too. 

After that was the time that I received my mentor, Peter Forman. He lives in Hawaii which made things a little tough here in Virginia but we manage. The mentoring has been very good and we are now working on getting a plane in P3D ready so we can do more flight training. It was also very easy to come in contact with my mentor as the FAPA phone coordination is easy.

Christmas was when I got a new computer, side stick, throttle quadrant and rudder pedals all as a recommendation from my mentor. That brings us to this year, 2017. It has been my best year for flight training. My birthday is in February and I got the best gift I could have ever received. For my birthday, I got something I probably would have never been given unless FAPA had influenced my passion even more. 

I was given a trip to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida and a camp there. The camp was a week long and offered kids 12-18 the chance to get actual flight time under their belt and live the college life for a week. I didn't want to leave at all when the camp ended. 

There was a CFI and my roommate and I in a Cessna 172 flying up and down the east coast of Florida. I logged 4 hours of flight time and 2 hours of simulator time. I did take-offs, landings, steep turns, stalls, approaches, traffic patterns and other things like that. We also learned things on the ground during what they called ground lab. We learned traffic patterns, weather and metars, ATC terminology and other things that helped propel my knowledge of aviation. 

Since I got home, my mentor has been delighted that I went and I also have sent pictures of the trip to people at FAPA. Finally, I am coming to the event in Seattle in August. So all in all, FAPA.aero has helped me immensely with flight training and I can easily say that I recommend them.

Cade Glass (age 11 on date of attendance)

Hello, I am Colin Hornaday. I am 14 years old with 48.7 hours of flight time. I am currently working on obtaining my Private Pilot's License. My dream is to become a major airline pilot. Piedmont Airlines; specifically, Tyler Tenbrink (Manager of Pilot Recruitment) and the Future & Active Pilot Advisors (FAPA) organization are assisting me in fulfilling my ambition. 

In late December, 2016, I got into touch with Tyler Tenbrink. I spoke with him on the phone one day; I had many questions about Piedmont Airlines, mainly concerning about why Piedmont Airlines should be my regional airline of choice in the future. During this phone call and an email shortly after the call, Tyler offered to take care of my airfare for my father and I to attend a FAPA Future Pilot Forum. 

Shortly after this amazing offer, I got into touch with FAPA. FAPA offers a vast range of locations for hosting their forums; from coast to coast, region by region, and even Hawaii and Alaska. I chose the Honolulu, Hawaii forum. I chose this forum because of the individual time I would get to spend with Tyler from Piedmont Airlines, and Laura and Louis from FAPA. There were also other factors that resulted in my decision in choosing the Honolulu forum. These included the size of the event, the individuals attending the event, the location of the event, and the date the event fell on.

The Honolulu Future Pilot Forum was amazing! I learned so much. The forum showed a documentary, which gave the attendees a behind the scenes look into the aviation world. This documentary definitely further developed interest and excitement about aviation into many people, including me. This was a great way to begin the forum! After the documentary, Tyler gave a presentation about Piedmont Airlines and an individual from the Air Force gave a presentation about becoming a pilot in the Air Force. Following the presentations, the attendees were able to ask questions with Tyler about Piedmont Airlines. I typed out a questionnaire sheet the night prior to leaving for Honolulu. Tyler was able to answer all of my questions, and other attendees' questions. There was also opportunity to ask questions and talk to other individuals from other fields in aviation during this forum. One of the other fields that the attendees were able to talk to included the military field of aviation. I also further learned about financing my flying education. Throughout the forum, the attendees were given the opportunity to fly a flight simulator, which was an amazing experience! 

This forum definitely benefits everyone looking for a career in aviation; where it's commercial, military, or any other field in aviation. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with FAPA if you are looking to become a professional pilot.

My story behind my flight training: When I was 7 years old, I started playing flight simulators frequently (and I still do to this day). Playing flight simulators sparked my interest in aviation. When I was 10 years old, I was sitting in my room, and I had a random thought pop into my head. What do I really want to do when I am an adult? What will be my ambition?

In the past, I knew I either wanted to be three things: A surgeon, a professional soccer player, or an airline pilot. My main interest throughout all of my previous years has been aviation. I came to a conclusion: I'm going to become an airline pilot.

I started watching several YouTube videos relating to aviation and being an airline pilot. The first video I watched was "Life as an Airline Pilot", by Live from the Flight Deck. I was thrilled; this is definitely what I wanted to do as an adult.

A little over a half a year later after deciding that being an airline pilot is what I wanted to do as an adult, I took my first intro flight. It was spectacular, I loved every second of it. That flight was my very first flight hour of flight time.

About 10 months after my first intro flight, I had another thought: I need to start flight training. I wanted to start early; the earlier you start flight training, the better. I took an intro flight at my local flight club, Central Arkansas Flying Club. The flight club fit me perfectly; it was close to my house, it was very cheap for flight training, and the instructors were (and still are) amazing.

A little under a month following my intro flight at Central Arkansas Flying Club, I began my flight training. Being in flight training is an amazing experience! I try to fly every two weeks. I started flying in a Cessna 150, occasionally a Piper Cherokee 140/160. Now I fly a Cessna 172. The Cessna 172  has been my favorite aircraft to fly.

I've had many great opportunities being apart of my flight club. I occasionally give presentations to my flight club, I used to wash our flight line's planes, and I've been on a couple flying adventures with my flight instructor. We have flown to go get lunch in Southern Arkansas, and we have crossed two state lines to go check out an aircraft for a member of our flight club.

I am the youngest person at my flight club, and I believe I'm the only individual that is under 18 there. It's been an incredible journey learning to fly, and the opportunities it has opened up for me.

When you start flight training, or if you are looking to start flight training, money is a big topic. Make sure you have a way to obtain money. Mow yards, babysit, find a job, save up your birthday money, or see if a supportive family member will help you pay for your training. Find a way you can pay for it, it's not easy, but trust me, it's all worth it when you find yourself making smooth landings on the runway, in the blue skies at 5,500 feet, or seeing that amazing sunset en-route to your destination.

Also, don't be afraid to talk to different people in the aviation community. Amazing things can happen by establishing relationships with individuals in the aviation community; someone could offer you a job, they could be a fantastic mentor, etc.

Good luck with your flight training!

Colin Hornaday (age 14 date of attendance)

As the parent of a hopeful future pilot, I found the FAPA Future Pilot Forum to be very informative and engaging. There seem to be so many steps toward becoming a pilot and so many ways to get there, and the FAPA forum did a great job of explaining some of this to me and sending me to websites where I can get more information. Thank you!

Andrea Stroy

I am hoping to become a commercial airline pilot and FAPA did a great job of laying out the path I need to take to get there. There were informed speakers and the round tables were a good way to get my questions answered.

Thank you,
Kevin Stroy

FAPA's Future Pilot Forum opened my eyes to options in becoming a pilot that I wouldn't have even imagined. They showed me many different options ranging from scholarships to military routes, and the forum was completely free. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend going.

Caden Autowski

If you ever thought about becoming a pilot but don’t know where to start then taking a peek at one of FAPA’s Informational Meetings would surely reassure you if being a pilot is right for you.

The January 7th meeting I attended in Miami, FL had two companies, Ameriflight and Piedmont. FAPA helps new pilots and senior pilots with tips on interviewing and financial aid.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meeting. It was very informational and is helping me plan for the future. Who knows maybe you’ll get to meet a pilot or two just like I did. Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity.

Novar McDonald
Hollywood, FL
Age: 12

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