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FAPA Qualified Pilot Testimonials

FAPA has been providing professional pilots career counseling services and pilot job fairs since 1972, originally named Future Airline Pilots Association. Our services are designed to help qualified pilots reach their professional goals, which includes valuable content on FAPA.aero, our monthly FAPA Pilot Hiring Bulletin, pilot interview prep, pilot job fairs and financial services tailored for pilots.

FAPA was a huge part of my success in getting hired by United Airlines in 2016! Without Karen and the FAPA group's help, the interview process would've been much more challenging. FAPA was instrumental in my landing of a major airline job!

Hired by United Airlines

Just wanted to say thank you! Not sure if it is automatically provided in your statistics but I am happy to report that I was hired at Atlas Air after attending the FAPA job fair in Newark, NJ. Job fair was on Friday, I was offered an interview the following Monday, I interviewed that Friday and offered a position with Atlas and a class date of 10/31. From 0 to hero in about a month! I could not have done it without FAPA putting me in touch with the right people through a stress free, well managed job fair. Thank you again for the hard work! It has payed off for me!

Hired by Atlas Air

I landed my dream job last week with FedEx Express. Without Judy Tarver's prep it would of been a waste of an interview. She had me very well prepared. She literally wrote the book on getting your dream aviation job!! Great service and great prep. I highly recommend using FAPA for any airline interview!

Hired by FedEx

FAPA job fairs are very important to any pilot who wants to further their aviation career.  The job fair provides a unique experience with face to face time with many potential employers.  The opportunity to meet hiring managers and recruiters from regional and major airlines along with 135 operators will provide a confidence building experience for pilots of all experience levels.  I definitely recommend FAPA job fairs.

R., Retired Airline Pilot

Thank you Craig. I was hired at Alaska Airlines and I start training next month. Your job fairs definitely have helped with my job search process and I have recommended them to many of my colleagues.

All the best,
Hired At Alaska Airlines

Hi Mr. Washka, Thanks for the information, but... I just got off the phone with Mesa Airlines and I was just offered the FO position! Without FAPA's job fair, it wouldn't have happened this easily. The face to face time really got the ball rolling. Thanks for all you do for us!

Hired At Mesa Airlines

Claudette, I wanted to thank you for the interview prep a couple of weeks ago. I'm happy to report I was offered a job with United Airlines. What's incredibly amazing is the first 6 or 7 questions you asked me turned out to be the identical questions I was asked.

Thanks again from one happy pilot,
Bryan Q.
Hired at United Airlines

I can't Thank You enough for helping me achieve my dream of flying for United! I have been passing your name and FAPA around to everyone I know.. I have been telling them don't wait, get ahold of you and do the prep! I hope they take my advice. Only problem is I don't want to over work you with all the preps coming your way..

Hired at United Airlines

Hello all, I recently prepped with Claudette for an interview with Atlas and I was hired! Many thanks to everyone over the past couple of years, I've had an excellent experience with FAPA.aero and recommend it every time I can. Your job fairs are top notch and big big thanks to Craig and Claudette. Id like to know what my options for my membership are from now on and if there is anything else you'd like to know.

Thanks again!
Sincerely, Jeff M.
Hired by Atlas Air

I've had the pleasure of working with Judy Tarver over the past few years and highly recommend her and her team for any airline prep. Judy came to us at Comair during our shut down to provide instruction on resume writing and interview tactics and spent several days speaking to our group in each of our crew bases. Judy has an extensive interviewing background and knows everything there is about resume writing and helped many of us seek new employment at other carriers. I was able to work with Judy during my recent interview with United airlines and her prep was spot on. I had complete confidence on how to answer each question presented and had a great feeling when the interview concluded. I have been recently hired on at United and no doubt Judy played a huge role in this success. I highly recommend her for ANY airline interview you may have coming up. Look no further as Judy is clearly the best.

Hired At United Airlines

Thank you for all the help getting my job at Delta. I will continue to recommend Judy to all of my buddies as they exit the military.

Charles D.,
Hired At Delta Air Lines

Since I interviewed with United, many co-workers have asked me how I prepared for the interview... I mentioned FAPA services and recommended your interview prep! I definitely helped me alot :):)

Hired At United Airlines

I couldn’t have walked into the interview, ready to go, without the confidence and advice you were able to give me. FAPA really came through for me in a huge way, and I have you to thank for that. I’ve logged into FAPA.aero and completed the Interview Feedback form. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Hired at Southwest Airlines

After joining FAPA, I found that Karen was extremely responsive, answering questions via text, email and phone at all hours of the day and night. Sometimes she would be on a flight herself, but as soon as she landed she was back to me right away. In my case the FAPA job fair was the lead and vital to the invitation...Karen had great advice and testimonials which helped.

Joe W.
Hired at Atlas Air

I have used the services and advice of FAPA.aero and specifically Judy Tarver for 4 years. Her personal touch throughout my multiple airlines apps, resumes, and interviews made a huge difference in my confidence level. She pulls no punches, and her frank assessment of my record (and skeletons) directly affected how I conducted myself during major airline interviews. Thank you Judy, for caring enough to give the tough advice! I will continue to recommend you to anyone I know trying to navigate their path to a major airline career, especially those transitioning out of a military career.

Hired at FedEx

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